The Free to Be Coalition is a new effort to promote respectful and productive dialogue and expand intellectual diversity on University campuses.

The University exists for no greater purpose than to encourage students to challenge their beliefs through the guarantee of free speech and intellectual debate. It’s time to move the needle even farther – this Coalition is committed to doing just that.


The Coalition launched in the Spring of 2018 with a debate series highlighting Nigel Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party and mastermind behind Brexit, and Vicente Fox, the former President of Mexico, who debated Globalism vs Nationalism at four Universities nationwide.


The debate series was the first of many initiatives that the Coalition is initiating to drive ideological diversity and protect free speech on college campuses. The Free to Be Coalition is a way to stay in touch, network and share ideas and stories on how we address protecting free speech and diversity of thought on our campuses.


Students, alumni, faculty, administrators, trustees/leadership and those passionate about protecting the first amendment will have a means to stay in touch, network and share stories.


We can do better if we work together. We’ve put together some initial best practices/ideas that we are testing out on several campuses including:

  • Campus Law & Policy Review


  • Free to Be Student Debate Club


  • ‘How to Free Speech’ Campus Marketing Campaign


  • Survey of Intellectual Diversity in Classrooms


  • Civics Requirement in Curriculum
  • Transparent Event Security Fees


  • Free Speech Reporting App


  • Free to Be Campus Debate Tour


  • Freedom Student Scholars


  • Free to Be Alumni Outreach


  • Diversity of Thought Dashboard